Anarchiving propositions (2017)

At the beginning of 2017 after the Distributing the Insensible event, anarchiving propositions continued to morph into new iterations, performing their conceptual constellations through resonant wordings and ways of gathering materials, colors and peoples; a speculative composting and growing of cephalopod textures towards new potential worlds

anarchival composting
what emerges in the middle, in between whatever processes take shape and through whatever appetites exist or emerge, becomes the food for an an ongoing composing-with: compositing, always tending to that which is leftover in the event which finds itself in the edges of experience. It is a play and rigorous experimentation with a continuous changing varierty of materials wherein through propositions new techniques are invented and contrasting qualities are grasped. Composting foregrounds the process in all its openness, in what it can facilitate as well as construct, to be practice in the midst. Anarchival composting is then purely transversal, where the other thriving processes, such as re-zone-ate_ors, the wilds, 3 ecologies process seedbank, and speculative feltversing are involved in the sparks and sustaining of a going-with the surplus value of life.

what is sustainability in the over-politicized field, where all intensities are amplified and accelerated engendering possible dangerous symptoms and risks that make life unlivable? What micro-aggressions keep surfacing when the fields are not tended to, not cared for but rather are filled and saturated with communication and too much of the present. Re-zone-ate_ors approaches such fields to think-feel other ways of going about, to find techniques that create the vital breath in the choking spaces, and to enable modes of saying no against the operative logic while not relapsing to sedimentary and judgemental ways of whatever can take up the lived (e.g. identity politics, phenomenology).

the wilds
to rewild the fields, planes, and territories involves a radical pedagogy of the earth (Rose-Antoinette) where thinking is always with and through those planes or what inhabits it. The wilds has been foregrounding a rewilding of reading, or how to read otherwise. The wilds proposes to read-with in radical empirical yet speculative fabulatory manners, think-feel with speciation (Manning), animality (Massumi), and a broad geo-philosophy (Deleuze and Guattari). Anna Tsing’s Mushrooms at the End of the World (2015) with patches of mushroom.; Sy Montgomery’s The Soul of an Octopus (2015) with tentacular body masks with a cephalopodness to its textures; Jeffrey Cohen’s Stone: an Ecology of the Inhuman (2015) reading through our backs while rubbings backs on rocks.

speculative feltversing
when qualities (the pinkest pink, to greg, organging) allow the unfolding of a multitude of worlds: there is a universe knocking on the window (Guattari), it is felt on the edge of experience (Manning) now can we fabulate with that emergent universe, that feltverse, to construct new realities, new futures? Speculative feltversing aligns itself with SF — Science-Fiction, Speculative-Fiction, String-Figures, San-Francisco? (Haraway) — by attuning itself to a radical pragmatism while tending to the more-than in its speculation; it takes care of the left-overs of any event, that which is not at the center of the event and allows potential other worlds to emerge and take consistency.