Anarchiving Propositions (September 2015 to March 2016)

September 2015 to March 2016, Montreal
Once every week during a period of six months the SenseLab experimented with the concept of the anarchive. Departing from questioning a) how else could research-creation processes be shared forth and b) how to avoid predetermination. The exploration moved within a series of conversations to speculate-create-invent the concept and with the concept. A turn toward materiality and the forces of materiality eventuated. A long canvas allowed to enter into the concept differently. Procedures and techniques for anarchiving were crafted in-formed by the anarchiving cloth, its own memory and multiplicities. Anarchival machines proliferated: a long one to experiment merely with the becoming crease by a push and pull game, a bundled one to experiment with folding and unfolding techniques, a triangular one to build an anarchival writing machine that found out that writing could take many forms and that water and cloth make living organisms that write their own traces, a thinner one to experiment with ways of drawing movement, and another triangular one to play with how movement moves modularly across registers. All these instances are part of a process to build an exhibition on material practices in relation to anarchival forces.
Mols/Aarhus July 23-27 2017
SenseLab gathers at Mols in 3 houses to explore how anarchival emissaries from Montreal and Australia might seed future processes. On day 2 we find ourselves walking on the rhizome itself – a thousand year-old bog moves with us and holds us up (while its carnivorous plants nibble at our toes). This strange reverberation shifts the rhythm of the proposition. We subsequently visit the bog man but he has nothing more to tell us. We reorient across disjointed anarchival resonances, still feeling the strange sinking-floating feeling. The anarchive remains unresolved.
Making/Thinking the Anarchive