Alfred North Whitehead–and aesthetics

The Diagrammatic Thought RG continues thinking with the Whiteheadian notion of the world “as a medium” (see Process and Reality, Part II, Ch. IV, Sects IV to IX). Only, now we are adding the aesthetics layer to this notion, thinking affect, and focusing more on the concept of subjective form. We are reading Adventures of Ideas (Part IV) to complete our study of Process and Reality.

When: The group meets fortnightly on Fridays, from 11:11 AM to 12:12 AM (Montreal time) 
Where: The meetings happen on Skype. You can be added to this reading group by sending an email to

We must first consider the perceptive mode in which there is clear, distinct consciousness of the 'extensive' relations of the world. These relations include the 'extensiveness' of space and the 'extensiveness' of time (Process & Reality, p. 61).

What does Whitehead mean by extensiveness?

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