An impasse occurs. Suddenly  words seem incapable of attending to the contours of a project. The  urgency that brought a project into activation is weighed down by a fear  of not being capable of articulating its shifting stakes. How to  diagram its force back into existence?

The diagramming practice began with a dissertation stalled. The  intuition that moved the first diagramming was that visualizing the  project’s shape might lead to a better sense not only of its orientation  but also of its form. Was the writing as it was unfolding facilitating  the project’s potential?

From vectors to portals, shapes emerge through diagramming that make  felt where problems have lapsed into false problems and where urgent  questions have become sidelined. A practice of drawing what feels most  necessary and lingering with its orientations, these diagrams for  thinking in the act are not maps so much as cartographic propositions  for a thinking that celebrates nuance and recognizes the many voices  that run through it.