Anarchival Relay (November 26-30, 2015)

The Anarchival Relaying event intersected Cartographies of the Immediate at its mid point. Hosted at HZT in Berlin, students from HZT joined with SenseLab participants from North America and Europe in creating propositions that combined relay techniques with choreography and materials to explore what an anarchival trace could be.

Propositions included a relay walk in the diagram and the gaze of another, a split second delay relay for extending and distributing the range of one person’s gestures across two bodies, and the tracing of a narrative, which was developed by relaying a dance into a description, into a performance of the description, into a drawing of the performance of the description.

Wondering around the concept of the “anarchive emissary” and the question, does an emissary have to be human? also brought 12 meters of unbleached cotton and the fold-travel-unfold iteration from the anarchiving experiments in Montreal to more than twenty participants. 12 meters with traces of its past – – – becoming a runway for voguing, a sail, a human envelope, and a diagraming machine for possible future anarchic shares with yet more tracings.