Inflexions pOp up 1: Diversity in Diversity

Inflecting Inflexions toward the minor comes perhaps not from a need for slowness exactly (more on that soon, though!) but on the necessity to create conditions for more than one rhythm. While the work of Inflexions over its first 10 issues was incredibly rich for SenseLab, a predictable rhythm set in between the gathering of the texts/artworks/soundworks, the editorial process (reviewing, copy-editing) and the designing of the issue itself as a web-based transversal interface. What we found is that no matter how hard we tried, it remained difficult to make the transversality of the process the work. That is to say, there was always a tendency to see the making of the journal in different steps rather than thinking the design process as absolutely integral to every other aspect. This has to do with the valuing of “content” over the force of form. With the inflecting of inflexions, what we hope to do is take that desire for the transversal and make it more operative. Our first issue of that series, Diversity in Diversity, will launch in the next month or so. It has no separation between content and force of form. It has no alignment with a preexisting notion of what it means to read-for-value. That is to say, it strives to activate rhythms that incipiently alter the way we enter into a relation with knowledge. In the Diversity in Diversity issue, the core concept is neurodiversity, but the hope is that the concept is not separable from how the reading/engaging happens. The next issue, Rezzzonator, tackles the question of microagression in the context of identity formation/imposition. Again, the work is not “about” this so much as “with it,” hoping to activate rhythms that make felt what is at stake in the conceptual field, a field not predetermined but propositional.