Techniques for Anarchiving: March 17 – 18, L’imprévu : de l’erreur à l’errance Des chercheurs-créateurs en colloque

March 17 – 10h

March 18 – 15h30


Techniques for Anarchiving If we take research-creation to be a mode of activating the time of the event, the question of how the event persists rears its head. In traditional practice, the archive is the mode through which the work is documented. But how do we archive liveness? And what is it that is activated through such documentary practices? Techniques for anarchiving begin with the problem of the archive and ask what else the event leaves behind to seed futurities in the making. What else is already agitating, already contributing to modes of existence in germ? The anarchive is both the anarchy in the archive and the unsettling of time in the event’s uneasy relation to its own beckoning futurity. The SenseLab has been experimenting with creating anarchives for the past year or so, and in this process has come up against the extraordinary challenge of activating the germs of an event’s oudoing of itself. We propose not an object (though we will bring a living proposition for an anarchival process) but a collective experimentation around what else anarchiving can be. Working with the singularity of the diverse practices of the conference participants, we would like to explore together how we might create a few new techniques for the anarchiving of research-creation.