Toward 3E, a Manifesto in Movement

A manifesto 3E-style is a lure for feeling, dangling on the

propositional horizon. More invitational than imperative, it calls forth

sets of conditions, inviting an exploration of what they can do.

1. Transversality

The three ecologies – the conceptual, the environmental and the social – operate transversally. The question is always: how is the conceptual already social? How is the social environmental?

The social is not the interpersonal. It is the relational field activated in the ecology of existence. It is what folds people together, along with nonhuman entities, into a moving complexity primed for emergence. Sociality.

The environmental is not the accumulated structure of nature: natured natured. It is dynamic: nature naturing. “Not yet any definite what, though ready to be all sorts of whats. Full both of oneness and of manyness, but in respects that don’t appear. Changing throughout” (William James).

The conceptual is not the interior. It is the expression of a sociality lived at the limits where it can no longer be traced to me. It is the manyness and oneness of changing respects, taking new transversal expression.

2. Minor Sociality

Minor sociality is the excess on itself of relation. It is what makes felt that the relational field extends to and embraces all that ecologically composes it, actually and potentially (propositionally).

It is the poetics of relation of Édouard Glissant’s consent not to be a single being.

The coming-together of minor sociality is never reducible to the 1+1, to the human, to what is already recognizable as me. Minor sociality attends to the affective resonance of what exceeds me, refusing the misplaced concreteness of mistaking the social for interpersonal society, the environmental for the accumulated structure of nature, and the conceptual for the content of interiority. These defuse the lure and cramp the movement of the three ecologies in their transversality.

3. Beyond Property and Propriety

3Estrives to operate in an altereconomy of revaluation. The aim is cephalopodic: not to reduce the exploration to one centralized mode of existence. The aim is to find interstices in the ecologies of value that allow for a subversion of capital and to send out feelers into them, building, in the pores of the present, toward a postcapitalist future.

To achieve this it is necessary to acknowledge that capital penetrates and surrounds us. Creative duplicity, speculative complicity, are necessary for feeling out other ways of living and learning.

Property at 3Eis a platform for experimental relation. Where possible, its capitalist functioning is strategically suspended. Property is not approached as a vehicle for investment. Propositional enrichment, not marketable value-added, is the point. 3Eapproaches property with impropriety, as a proposition for having it otherwise.

It treats property as an affordance for surplus-value of life. This involves recognizing that minor sociality includes the need for the solitary, as a phase of the collective (Simondon). 3Esociality is not community. It is an evolving ecology of modes of existence. Build yourself in, but make your building in built out, into the ecology.

Don’t create a legacy. Make a space. Make it aesthetico-political. Tend relation. Attend to the qualities of relation. Don’t personalize it, open it to process.

4. Alter-Pedagogies of Study

Make study infuse all you do, and all that is done with and around you. Build it into the building. Make it a greenhouse, a swim in the lake, a treehouse. Make it a soup, a screenplay, a rug. Lure it, schizz it, patch it, play.

5. Self-Organizing Decision

There is no mediation in the 3Ecological relationscape, no consensus-building machinery elbowing in to finalize a program and herd participation. 3E is immediating: self-herding. It asks what the process wants. Decision emerges as the process lures itself on. It propels the crossing of thresholds. It cuts between phases. It relays between trajectories.

What kinds of practices must be seeded to craft conditions for 3Ecological modes of living? What modes of existence are lured into activity by the detours of self-organizing decision?

The goddess of anarchy (GOA) is never far, dancing as she does at the rhythm of the cut.