Toward a 3 Ecologies Institute – call for support

For the last several years, the SenseLab has been working toward an alternative site for collaborative thinking, learning, and living that would spin off from the university while remaining in complex relation to it. We think of it as an autonomous “para-institutional” space — a kind of adjacent undercommons. We chose the name the 3 Ecologies Institute, after a phrase by Félix Guattari referring to the intertwinement between the conceptual or psychic, the social, and the environmental.

Integral to the project is the design of a cooperative alter-economy called the 3E Process Seed Bank, the goal of which is to eventually make the project self-sustaining, outside the constraining framework of traditional institutional funding structures. Over the next year, we will be moving toward weaning ourselves off of traditional funding sources, with a goal of launching the kernel of the 3E Process Seed Bank in prototype form in early 2020.

To fund activities during the transition and the start-up phase of the new economy we are launching an interim economy. It is still (sadly) in the capitalist vein. Strategic duplicity is sometimes necessary. By subscribing to the Patreon page below, you will be facilitating the movement toward 3E, out from the university into the city and beyond. Everything SenseLab does is free and will continue to be free. Patreon contributions go through the 3 Ecologies nonprofit, officially registered in Quebec.

Collaborate with us to imagine what an autonomous alter-university (unaccredited, neurodiverse, free) might be.