In early October 2021, with covid precautions in force, the first organized gathering took place since the beginning of the pandemic. 21 3E collaborators came together on the 3E land in the Upper Laurentians (Québec) for 3 days. The event revolved around an intensive, collective reading of a generative philosophical text touching on concepts of land, territory, earth, nature-culture, and the relation between the city and the country. The on-site reading of Deleuze and Guattari’s “The Geology of Morals” was preceded by an online discussion group on Édouard Glissant’s The Poetics of Relation. The aim was to advance the work of integrating the “third ecology” – the environmental – into active relation with the social and conceptual/psychic ecologies experimentally addressed throughout the 15-year history of 3E’s predecessor, the SenseLab. The Australian hub organized its own reading-based gatherings that took place concurrently.