Process Seed Bank


The Process Seed Bank distills techniques for collaborative research-creation event-making that have been developed and tested by the Immediations project. The techniques are written down in the form of “recipes”: scripts, scores, or instruction sets on how to activate a specific collective-creativity tool, often including tips for how to avoid potential stumbling blocks. The function of the Process Seed Bank is to archive specific research-creation techniques in a form that stockpiles them for future use by the project. It is also a part of the Immediation project’s knowledge mobilisation strategy. It is used to make the techniques available as process propositions for uptake and adaptation by other projects, as part of the project’s aim to innovate and disseminate modes of research-creation process.

A number of the techniques concern group close-reading strategies conducive to creative concept-making. The practice of working between rigorous philosophical explorations and movement- and materials-based practices is one of the defining characteristics of the Immediations project, inherited from over 10 years of SenseLab practice honing these techniques.

The Process Seed Bank is digital in form. It is presented in a website compilation whose complexity will grow through the addition of metadata and links, creating synergies between the techniques. This evolution has just begun. The final destination of the digital iteration will be its integration into the Adventure Capital DAO.

The anarchival force of the Seed Bank is realized in the relay from the online compilation of techniques to presentations of anarchival material in other digital formats, and in the relay to analogue constructions such as the mixed-media books described below. These analogue constructions are designed to carry anarchival traces rendered in various media (text, image, fabric, etc.). The traces derive from previous deployments of the techniques. The purpose of the books is to foster the reactivation of already test-driven techniques for creative process. The books are used to redeploy the techniques in new, site-specific interactions.








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